Fire Escape Ladder

MODUMFire Escape Ladder - an innovative safe and secure ladder

MODUM Fire Escape Ladder is manufactured in weather-proof anodized aluminum in a slim and elegant profile. When not in use, it is less prominent than a drainpipe. It is suitable for 2 and 3-story buildings, recommended maximum length is 10 meter. In case of an emergency, the MODUM Fire Escape Ladder can open with a simple pull of a Release Pin, and it is ready for use in a few seconds. With the anti-slip aluminum rungs, climbing and going down is safe and easy. The ladder is tamper proof and can only be opened from above - thus preventing unauthorized access from the ground.

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  • The original foldable ladders, designed and manufactured by MODUM ApS in Denmark.
  • Full anodized aluminum construction and stainless-steel fixings provide excellent durability when combined with professional installation we provide 15 years product warranty.
  • The profiles are rebated in a perfect fit and the ladder is weatherproof and maintenance free.
  • The slimline, fold-away design has a closed profile of only 72 mm.
  • Anti-slip aluminum rungs are concealed inside the ladder's profile.
  • Anti-tamper locking pin at the height of the escape window eliminates unauthorized use of the ladder from ground level.
  • Optional MODUM harness for extra safety.
  • Available in RAL colours.
  • The installation process is very simple and it is usually completed in less than an hour.
  • The Release Pin is 100% acid-proof stainless steel and it is mounted in a nylon liner to prevent corrosion.
  • Test report from SP - Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut.
  • SINTEF Teknisk Godkjenning, Norway.
  • MODUM Escape Ladder is approved in accordance with the European Standard NS-EN 131. (N.B. The optional MODUM harness is not included in the approval).
Stability for a 2.4 m ladder
Vertical stability: 9.5 kN = 969 kg.
Horizontal stability: 2 kN = 204 kg.
Folded 72 mm depth x 47 mm wide.
Open 398 mm depth x 47 mm wide.
Weight 3,1 kg per running meter.

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MODUMFire Escape Ladder - with Back Protection

The MODUM Fire Escape ladder with back protection is also foldable. The back protection is added to increase safety while climbing, especially on taller buildings.

When folded the Ladder have a minimal footprint.

Ladder space 650 mm (inside).
Folded 250 mm depth.
Open 648 mm depth.

This ladder has identical technical properties as the MODUM Fire Escape Ladder.

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