Inspection Ladder for socket

MODUMInspection Ladder for socket

The MODUM Inspection ladder for socket is specially designed for permanent mounting on a concrete socket. The inspection Ladder is the perfect solution for Power masts or cell towers, which regularly require service or maintenance. MODUM Inspection ladder is equipped with a lock, which prevents unauthorized access.

For safety reasons, the Inspection ladder is mounted at least 180 cm above the exit level, which provide a secure grip for both hands - before climbing down the ladder. The inspection ladder is fastened to the base with two aluminium clamps, and the entire structure is excellent and safe. When the inspection Ladder is closed, the non-slip steps are hidden inside the frame of the ladder, which means that the ladder is maintenance free.

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  • The original foldable ladders, designed and manufactured by MODUM ApS in Denmark.
  • Available in all RAL colours.
  • The non-slip steps are hidden in the frame when the ladder is closed.
  • The profiles are rebated in a perfect fit and the ladder is weatherproof and maintenance free.
  • The slimline, fold-away design has a closed profile of only 72 mm.
  • The installation is simple and is finalized in less than one hour.
  • Test report from SP - Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut, typekontrol nr 102101.
  • Sweden SINTEF Teknisk Godkjenning, Norway.
  • MODUM Escape Ladder is approved in accordance with the European Standard NS-EN 131.
Stability for a 2.4 m ladder
Vertical stability: 9.5 kN = 969 kg.
Horizontal stability: 2 kN = 204 kg.
Standard lengths
3.000 mm / 3.300 mm / 3.600 mm / 3.900 mm.
4.200 mm / 4.500 mm / 4.800 mm.
5.100 mm / 5.400 mm.

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