Inspection Ladder

MODUMInspection Ladder – elegant and functional design

MODUM Inspection Ladder is the most reliable and elegant inspection ladder on the market, it is available in different dimensions, which ensure a perfect fit for any structure. It is safe, steady with subtle appearance and slender profile. This product is made of anodized aluminium, allowing it to withstand all types of weather conditions. It is installed downwards from each individual floor to provide easy access during any situations. MODUM ladders are strategically equipped with burglar and intruder-proof features so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized people taking advantage of your ladders. MODUM Inspection Ladder comes with an installation manual to ensure an easy step-by-step installation.

NB: The MODUM Inspection Ladder is designed for ground to roof access only – it is not designed for use as Fire Escape Ladder.

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  • The original foldable ladders, designed and manufactured by MODUM ApS in Denmark.
  • Full anodized aluminium construction and stainless-steel fixings provide excellent durability, when combined with professional installation we provide 15 years product warranty on the ladder.
  • The profiles are rebated in a perfect fit and the ladder is weather proof and maintenance free.
  • The slim line, fold-away design has a closed profile of only 72 mm.
  • Anti-slip aluminium steps are concealed inside the ladder's profile.
  • Anti-tamper locking pin at the height of the escape window eliminates unauthorised use of the ladder from ground level.
  • Optional MODUM harness for extra safety.
  • Available in all RAL colours.
  • Simple installation process and all the necessary fittings and even the drills required.
  • The Release Pin is 100% acid proof stainless steel and it is mounted in a nylon liner to prevent corrosion.
  • Test report from Sweden SP - Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut, typekontrol nr 102101.
  • SINTEF Teknisk Godkjenning, Norway.
  • MODUM Escape Ladder is approved in accordance to the European Standard NS-EN 131.
Stability for a 2.4 m ladder
Vertical stability: 9.5 kN = 969 kg.
Horizontal stability: 2 kN = 204 kg.
Folded 72 mm depth x 47 mm with.
Open 398 mm depth x 47 mm with.
Weight 3,1 kg per running meter.

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MODUMInspection Ladder - with Back Protection

The MODUM Inspection Ladder with back protection is also foldable. The back protection is added to increase safety while climbing taller buildings.

When folded the Ladder have a minimal footprint.

Ladder space 650 mm (inside)
Folded 250 mm depth
Open 648 mm depth

This ladder has identical technical properties as the MODUM Inspection Ladder.

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