Well Ladder

MODUMWell Ladder – the perfect solution for the well

The original MODUM well ladder is made in Denmark by MODUM ApS for Care Construction ApS. It is safe, steady with subtle appearance and slender profile. This ladder is made of anodized aluminium, allowing it to withstand all types of weather conditions. MODUM Well Ladder comes in sections - bottom, centre and top section - together with the base the total ladder can reache a length of approximately 7 metres. It comes with specification and test documentation manual.

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  • Designed and manufactured by MODUM ApS in Denmark for Care Construction ApS
  • Made from 100% anodized aluminium.
  • The non-slip aluminium rungs are hidden when the ladder is closed
  • A ladder special produced in accordance with EN131 or the equivalent
  • The non-slip base ensures increased stability
  • Well ladders may be connected to reach a total length of approximately 7 metres
3.35 kg per running meter
Bottom ladder: L=2.26 metres, W=29.5 cm, D=7.2 cm (effective length)
Centre ladder: L=2.40 metres, W=29.5 cm, D=7.2 cm (effective length)
Top ladder: L=2.40 metres, W= 29.5 cm, D=7.2 cm (effective length)

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MODUMWell Ladder - base

The ladder base will stabilise the ladder, thus increasing safety

When folded - the Ladder has a minimal footprint.

Width: 70 cm
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 3.35 kg per running meter

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